Cruise ship M/S Amorella ran aground in the Föglö archipelago – passengers and crew are being evacuated

Cruise ship M/S Amorella, operated by Viking Line, ran aground a few minutes before 1PM today in the Föglö archipelago. The ship sprung leaks from the accident and has been run ashore by Hjulgrund on the island of Järsö.

There are no reports of injuries or harm and the 200 passengers are being evacuated right now, together with 50 out of 80 crew members. Several rescue vessels as well as at least one helicopter are operating at the accident site.

Passengers will be taken ashore in Svinö and then be bussed to the Strandnäs school for registration. Rescue authorities as well as the Åland hospital have made a big fuss about the situation and are preparing medic teams and even youth psychologists to receive passengers.

According to Viking Line the situation is stable for the ship. This is not the first time M/S Amorella scraped her bottom at Hjulgrund – in december 2013 she ran aground at the same place.