Heidi Hendersson applauds extermination of native people in Finland – ”Your breeding is immoral”

Since being purchased by local banking tycoon and devout socialist democrat Anders Wiklöf, newspapers Åland and Nya Åland have published a series of disturbing opinion pieces, paid for by the wealthy entrepreneur. Now one of his journalists – Heidi Hendersson – has penned an editorial for Nya Åland where she applauds a genetic eradication of the native people of Finland and their replacement by foreign colonizers.

Hendersson brings up the low nativity number in Finland, which currently is only 1,35 children in average per woman and much lower than the 2,1 average needed to sustain a people’s continued existence. Her solution is colonization and she writes that immigration is ”the best way to beat a lack of births”. She demands that Finns change their attitudes to be more positive to immigration and dismiss opinions differing from hers as ”populists”:

– Contrary to what the populistic narrative claims, it (immigration) is our salvation. That goes for Åland too, she writes.

The author urges readers of her column to remain childless and claims human reproduction to be ”immoral” and ”unethical”. She sees the diminishing population as the results of ”the struggle for women’s quality of life and equality”. She ends her editorial by yet again applauding the extermination of people. Similar views have previously been published by Wiklöf’s other newspaper ”Åland”, but their editors have refrained from advocating extermination of native populations as brazenly as Hendersson.

Journalists are not the only ones pushing the ideology of foreign colonization combined with eradication of natives. Former public health minister of Åland Wille Valve from the Moderates party commented the low birth rates last year:

– We’ve been lucky in Åland! Even though our nativity is low, we’ve had immigration of people who make children or bring their children.

In the Finnish-Swedish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet, views identical to Henderssons have been expressed by university professor of ”sustainability” Kristina Lindström, who claimed that it would be ”good for the environment” if Finns were to cease existing.

Reproductive health is currently at it’s lowest level in Åland, according to the latest numbers from government statistics office ÅSUB.