Minister gave €70 000 to sex organisation for visits to young school children

Åland minister of heath and social affairs, Wille Valve, granted €68 000 from government lottery and casino incomes to Regnbågsfyren, an organisation promoting the interests of homosexual and transsexual people in the region, administrated by chairman Martina Gerkman and executive director Sofia Enros. Last year, the organisation was given a €58 000 grant by Valve.

The organisation distributes what they themselves call ”information” to children in nurseries and in schools. In their demand for funds, the organisation claims their school visits are in ”high demand”. In Mariehamn, town hall politicians have already decided that children are to be forced into meetings with the sex organisation, with no option to refuse.


Transsexuality for children a priority
Earlier, the sex organisation has told local media that they aim to reach out and recruit primally young persons, and in 2018 they arranged a ”Pride” parade in Mariehamn, where they encouraged parents to ”give their child 100 opportunities instead of 2”.

– The theme of youths has been an ongoing affair and together with the theme of transsexualism it is one of the areas of focus for us this year, Sofia Enros said.

The organisation has also petitioned the Åland government to demand their ideologies become legislated into the new Åland educational law as well as demanding that school staff are to seek out vulnerable children going through puberty to encourage them into transsexualism.

”The current Ålandic curriculum doesn’t include gender identity and transsexualism issues. This has to change!”, organisation head Sofia Enros proclaimed.


Government funds to fight traditional relationship
Political lobbying is one of the core activities of the organisation and one of their self-proclaimed goals is to fight against traditional relationships between men and women by ”working to reduce heteronormativity in society”.

According to the organisation, adults and children suffering identity crisis should be ”corrected” by hormonal injections as well as surgical procedures to mutilate their reproductive organs. The organisation also arranges meetings with parents who claim that their children are transsexuals, and they ”assist when a person needs extra support to correct their sexual organs”.

In local media, social affairs minister Wille Valve has praised the work of the sex organisation, which he has described as an ”important measure in the government’s program of fighting discrimination.”

The large amount of money was granted by Valve even though the sex organisation already has a large excess of funds.