National Bureau of Investigation: Middle Eastern rape gang in Oulu ”just the tip of an iceberg”

Yesterday night detective superintendent Sari Sarani, of the National Bureau of Investigation participated in the MTV ”Crime scene” program to discuss the recent horrible child rapes and sexual assaults on natives that Middle Eastern asylum migrants are suspected for in the city of Oulu. Ålands Nyheter has previously reported on eight enemy soldiers who have been jailed while police investigates the crimes.

At the same time, two other foreigners are suspected of sexually assaulting women and raping children in the Tuira park area of Oulu. The District Court of Oulu has also issued an arrest warrant for yet another foreign man, suspected of having raped a college girl in the city. Detective superintendent Sari Sarani now confirms that the situation in the country is worse than what the public is aware of:

– This is just the tip of an iceberg. The Oulu case was very grave, but unfortunately it’s not the only one in Finland, Sarani said in the program.

– These kind of crimes are not easy for people nor for the authorities to discover. The statistics are wrong and still very uncertain.


Few victims seek help
Superintendent Sarani tells that most cases are never discovered. According to her it often takes a long time before authorities become aware of these crimes, since victims often do not seek immediate help.

– The children seldom tells anybody what has happened, because of the great sense of discomfort. Victims sometimes blame themselves and do not seek help. Sometimes it takes years or even decades before cases of sexual abuse during childhood or adolescence surfaces.

According to Sarani the Oulu case is exceptional, but typical in an international perspective.

– Finland must wake up to the fact that these kind of crimes are becoming organised and that these kind of networks exist, she warns, adding that the crimes against children have become worse in recent years.