NGO wants to teach seven year old children in Finland how to have sex and use condoms

ABUSE Finnish NGO Folkhälsan (”People’s health”) has launched efforts to force children in Finland as young as seven to participate in sexual education with explicit material detailing how to use condoms, sexual fetishes, detailed pictures of genitals and exercises making them perform tasks which are invasive and humiliating to the individual child. Seven year olds will also be made to draw pictures of people having sex. This is found in the content of the new book ”Snippelisnopp”, published by Folkhälsan and now being marketed by the NGO as an educational resource.


Transsexualism for children a core message

Behind the harmful material are authors Suss Åhman and Susanna Ruuhilahti, who have authored the new book. In an interview they claim inspiration from the ”metoo”-movement as their reason to present sexually explicit material to small children. In an interview (pictured above), Åhman has even suggested introducing sexual education to children in kindergarten.

Folkhälsan is now trying to have public elementary schools adapt the book, where the authors repeatedly encourage teachers to try to influence children towards transsexualism and gender dysphoria at a vulnerable age. ”Watch out for the hetero norm”, the book reads in bold letters, and the teacher is prompted to tell seven year olds that ”both children and adults can feel they have another sex than what is based on biology”.

The authors claim that by speaking in great detail about sex to seven year olds, teacher will create ”a closer and better relationship with the pupils”. The authors also encourage the teachers themselves to question their sexual orientations.


Influencing children with criminal polygamy

Under the headline ”Important!”, the authors order teachers to tell the children that families can consist of a mother and father, a single parent, homosexual caregivers, but also by people living in polygamous families with more than two adults – even though this is criminal in Finland as well as the rest of Europe. On top of normalising criminal relationships, the authors put great importance on the teacher telling the seven year olds that parents who are men may feel as women and vice versa. To make sure the children do not resist the education, they will be made to draw pictures of families not consisting of a man and a woman.

Teachers are also encouraged by the authors to sexualise the children, by having them lay down on the floor to make effigies of them and draw genitals on the effigies. The authors insist on the importance of drawing genitals on the effigies of the children and the teacher is again encouraged to tell the children that ”they have the right to define their sex according to hoe they feel”.


Seven year olds ordered to draw people having sex

The authors want teachers to teach the seven year olds ”at least” about glans, foreskin, testicles, labia, vagina and womb. Yet again, the authors insist that the teachers have to tell the children that ”you might feel as a girl even if you have a penis or as a boy even if you have a vagina, or as both at the same time or none”.

Folkhälsan wants teachers to tell seven year olds about artificial insemination and sperm and egg donors, as well as of adoption as a way to ”make children”. Seven year olds are also to be told what condoms are and teachers are to explicitly tell children how condoms are used. The teacher is encouraged to teach the procedure of artificial insemination in great detail to the children. The authors also want teachers to use a lesson to have seven year olds draw pictures of people having sex, of sperms and childbirth.


Humiliation and invasion of privacy

For the older children at 9-10 years old, the authors have made the material even more explicit. The teacher is encouraged to talk about ”diversity within sex and sexual orientations” and normalise this, telling children that ”diversity is enriching”. Authors claim that it is ”very likely” that there is a transsexual child in every school class in Finland.

Exercises that the authors propose for 9 and 10 year olds are thoroughly invasive and humiliating. Among other things, each child is to be ordered to write down everything they know about puberty and then read it to the whole class. Not only this, the individual children will also be made to talk about their private thoughts and feelings on puberty in front of the class.

The authors’ agenda for deviant sexuality and gender dysphoria continues for 9 and 10 year olds. The teacher is encouraged to ask the children about heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and transvestites. The children are also to answer on how you know who is a girl or a boy.


Nine year olds made to write love letters to their teacher

The humiliation of the children will be complete, as the teachers are to order the children to write love letters to different recipients – including love letters to their teacher – where the children are to describe how their love feels and what they hope to receive from the recipient of the love letter. These forced love letters are then to be read aloud in front of the whole class, who will have to guess if letters were written by a girl or a boy.

The Folkhälsan authors also wants schools to have exercises where 9 and 10 year olds massage each other and make things to use to massage themselves. Then the teacher is to ”lift norms on gender so that students can be aware of their existence”.

A collection of other bizarre exercises are detailed in the book, including one where pupils have to describe themselves as different colors, animals, dishes and vehicles. All upbringing is to be thrown out by the radical authors, who wants schools to teach children that there is no right or wrong and that everybody should be able to dress and behave as they want. While on the surface liberal, then authors continue with tasks invasive to the children’s privacy. Pupils will have to speak about their feelings, as well as stand up and tell the whole class how they feel. After this they are ordered to write down how they experience deep feelings such as sorrow, love and fear.

The invasive exercises cross the threshold into child abuse as each child have to tell the class how they feel when their parents argue with each other or chastise the child.


Perverted exercises for eleven year olds

In the material for students 11 and 12 year old, the authors propose exercises of a perverted nature. Among other things, the children will have to write poems about genitals and read them aloud to the class. They will also have to make sculptures and paintings of penises and vaginas. The pupils then have to show their sculptures and paintings in front of the class while talking about their feelings.


Ålandic children are spared – at least for now

While officially a non-governmental organization, Folkhälsan still has close ties to public activity in Finland and receives millions of euros annually from the government’s gambling monopoly. This despite the organisation having close to half a billion euros worth of assets, including real estate worth €122 million, stocks worth €70 million, and private fund equity worth €240 million. The organizations last public statement showed €23 million euros yearly profit on interest and dividends alone.

Ålands Nyheter have talked to the principals of various public schools in Åland. Those answering said that sexual education does not occur in their elementary schools. A representative for Folkhälsan’s Åland department responsible for activities aimed at children and youth tells Ålands Nyheter that they currently have no involvement with sexual education in Åland schools.

Pictured: Author Suss Åhman is suggesting sexual education for kindergarteners in an interview