Ålandic minister’s furious attack on Finnish government: ”Racist, nationalistic populists!”

Åland minister of integration, Socialist democrat Nina Fellman, has published an unhinged attack on the Finnish government, led by prime minister Juha Sipilä, on her private blog.


Accuses Finland of not respecting human rights
Fellman criticises the Finnish coalition government for previous collaboration with the True Finns party and current collaboration with the Blue Future party. She accuses the government of being ”indecent”, not respecting human rights, as well as not respecting the national languages, the Åland Islands, minorities and what she dubs ”diversity”.

The minister doesn’t stop there. She also accuses the True Finns party of being ”evil racists, nationalists and populists” and hints very strongly that they are planning violence and even genocide on groups such as jews, muslims, minorities, people of different skin colors, homosexuals and women.


”Racists, nazis, extremists”
Behind the fury of Fellman lies recent government negotiations in Sweden after last years election, with some people having suggested a coalition government with the Sweden Democrat party, who became third largest in the country after the vote. Fellman dismisses the party as ”racists”, ”nazis” and ”extremists”.

Nina Fellman’s unrestrained rhetoric has put her in trouble before. A year ago things went so far that the Åland parliament held a confidence vote for the government of Katrin Sjögren, after Fellman had enraged the opposition by calling them ”ignorant, woman hating, racist populists” in a debate about sports betting. In the confidence vote Fellman received the support of the current Åland government parties and continued her office without reprisals.

Her recent criticism on the Finnish government has been linked by her Socialist democratic party, as well as the minister herself on her official minister accounts on social media.

Ålands Nyheter have asked Åland government chief Katrin Sjögren for a comment.