Eight enemy soldiers arrested for raping Finnish schoolgirl in Oulu

The police in Oulu has arrested eight enemy soldiers from the middle east, suspected of brutally raping a Finnish schoolgirl aged between 10 and 14 and committing aggravated sexual assault on her during a long time.

– We are talking about several months, criminal investigator Markus Kiiskinen tells the newspaper Kavela.

– The suspected crimes are extraordinarily aggressive and there are exceptionally high levels of the suspected crimes, Kiiskinen tells.

Oulu deputy police chief Arto Karnaranta has never seen the like during his 38 years of service:

– It is an extremely serious aggression against a minor. I’ve never anything similar during my career, Karnaranta tells.

The suspected offenders are:

  • Rahmani Gheibali (rape)
  • Yosefi Shiraqa (aggravated sexual abuse of a child)
  • Mirzad Javad (aggravated sexual abuse of a child)
  • Barhum Abdullhadi (rape)
  • Humad Osman Ahmed Mohamed (rape)
  • Mohamed Ali Osman (aggravated sexual abuse of a child)
  • Ahmed Ibrahim Abdo (aggravated sexual abuse of a child)
  • Mohammed Hassan Mohamod (rape)

According to Kiiskinen the number of suspected offenders may yet increase, but he doesn’t want to go into further details, in order to not interfere with investigations. He also doesn’t want to tell the press how the victim became involved with the suspects.

– There is no close relationships between the parties.

While investigating the crimes against the girl, police discovered two other crimes, suspected to have happened November 16th and 17th. In one case, an enemy soldier is suspected of having raped and abused a Finnish child in a park. The arrested foreigner is born 1994.

In the other case another enemy soldier is suspected for having sexually abused another child. The arrested foreigner is born 1995.

Deputy police chief Karnaranta urges the public in Oulu to remain calm and not take justice into their own hands, instead leaving police to handle the investigations.

Update: According to police all men came to Finland as asylum seekers or quota refugees. The number of suspects have increased to 10.