Finnish prime minister condems child sex abuse in city of Oulo

Finnish prime minister Juha Sipilä released a statement today, strongly condemning the horrible sexual offences against native children that a large group of Middle Eastern men are suspected of having committed in the city of Oulu.

”The offences in Oulu are appalling. Sexual assault on a child is an inhumane act of inconceivable evil.” concludes the minister on Twitter.

The official statement of the prime minister:

”The police in Oulu are currently investigating three grave crimes against children. The offences have created widespread shock. According to police a number of foreign individuals are suspected for the most serious crime. The alleged crimes have had children under 15 years of age as victims.

Every human being has the right to her integrity. It is a fundamentally important question. This right must be defended in every circumstance and violations must be dealt with. Sexual assault against a child is an inhumane act of inconceivable evil.

The suffering of a victim can never be taken away. By rule of law, violators must be punished without consideration of ethnicity. The case in Oulu is being investigated and communicated by police, and will be handled by the justice.

Punishments for sexual offences must be in line with the will of the people. The government has pushed in parliament for legislation to increase punishments for sexual crimes committed against children.”

Picture: Laura Kotila, Prime minister’s office