Leftist politicians want to kick out immigrant family from Åland for not supporting their views

Hållbart Initiativ

You and your family should leave Åland if you don’t like multiculturalism! That’s the brazen message from local socialist party ”Sustainable Initiative” to member of parliament Stellan Egeland and his family in a recently published letter.

Egeland immigrated from Sweden to Åland and has since been elected to a spot in parliament in the most recent elections in 2019, where he holds a seat for the conservative ”Independent Coalition”.

After Egeland recently came out with harsh criticism against the Social Democrats for supporting terrorist organization BLM and ”multiculturalism”, the left in Åland has orchestrated a smear campaign against him as an individual – both in parliament and through newspapers controlled by local bankers.

Conservative Independent Coalition is part of the current parliament majority together with socialist Sustainable Initiative, who base their politics on the ideology Agenda 2030. Being part of the same government didn’t hinder them from publishing the letter in newspapers Åland and Nya Åland, where they blast Egeland for not supporting ”multiculturalism”. The politicians signing the letter claim that the Åland Islands is and have always been a ”multicultural” society, since the first inhabitants arrived by boat to the islands after the ice age.

Tradition in Åland has ruled attacks on an opponents family members to be outside the scope of public discourse. That kind of decency has been rejected by the letter authors Erica Scott, Harry Hartikainen, Ann-Lis Biström, Joel Lindholm, Ola Sundberg, Therese Karlsson and Sofie Roxbäck, who jointly implore Egeland to take his family and move away from Åland.

According to international agreements, Åland is a monolingual Swedish region. Finland has also pledged through these agreements to preserve the culture and local customs in the islands – something meeting increasing political opposition by native and expatriate socialists in Åland.